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Shopping For Puppy

Scroll through some of our favorite essentials, accessories and treats for puppy and their favorite humans!


NewVet Wafer Supplement
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All Stage Healthy Start
Small Medium Breed Puppy Healthy Start
All Stage System
Small/Medium Breed Puppy System
All Stage Dog Food
Small/Medium Breed Puppy Food
Canned Turkey and Shrimp
Canned Chicken and Crab
Canned Pork & Venison
Porky Puffs
Tasty Rewards Nutritional Treats
Turkey Hearts Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
Buffalo Bully Sticks
Dog Gift Basket
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Crates and Beds

LifeStages 30'' Crate
LifeStages 36'' Crate
PlayTrex Play Pen
Non-Slip Dog Pad 72''X72''
Metal Gate 26''- 40''
Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler
Large Dog Bed
Medium Dog Bed
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No Pull Dog Harness
No Pull Vest Harness with Leash Set
Classic Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar
Bow Tie Collar (14 Colors)
Dog Collar with Bow
Tie Collar
Training Collar
Retractable Leash
Silicone Rubber Dog Tag
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K-9 Advantix

K9 advantix II Medium Dogs
K9 advantix II Large Dogs
K9 advantix II Extra-Large Dogs
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Meal Time 

Raised Bowl Feeder
Neater Feeder Deluxe
Double Dog Bowl
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Accident Helpers

Dog Pee Potty Pad
Dog Pooper Scooper
Piddle Place Bio+ Treatment 9-Week Supply Combo Pack
o Here Attractant Dog Training Spray
Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator
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Puppy Care 

Pet Grooming Gloves
Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
Dematting comb
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Play Time 

Dog Toy with Easy Treat Peanut Butter
Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy
Biscuit Ball
Squeaker Dog Toys
Automatic Dog Toy Ball Launcher
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Puppy Travel 

Small Dog Sling Carrier
Dog Carrier Backpack
Pet Travel Bag
Pet Carrier with Removable Wheels
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Human Treats and Apparel 

Doodle Onesie
Love and Doodle Box Sign
Doodle Dad Beer Glass
Doodle Mom Wine Glass
Doodle Tote
Personalized Doodle Mug
Dood Tee
Life Is Golden Tee
Doodle Mama Tee
Doodle Tee
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