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Happy Families

It is such a joy to see a child blossoming with the love of one of our puppies or  adults who feel like kids again, so smitten wih their new furry friend.  

Our goal is 100% HAPPY families. Most of the families who have one of our puppies have come to us through word of mouth. We place a very high value on our reputation and ask you to please notify us if ever you hear anything but a glowing report about our puppies and us. 

anabelle pup julie yahnke.jpeg

I thought you might want to know that our sweet Toby loves the beach!  He's an all around great pup! Julie


Leonard has been such a blessing to our family and especially in the past 11 months.  He is the MVP of our family during the pandemic. When all of our friends were getting puppies and complaining about how badly behaved they were, we thanked our lucky stars that we were lucky enough to get Lenny from you. When we tell people how well trained and gentle he was right from the start, people can't believe all the work you put into your pups

 Scout is doing great!  I couldn’t be happier with him.     Danielle

She is very calm and good.  She observes the other dogs and learns quick. Darren

We absolutely adore our Molly girl!She has the best personality. She's been a wonderful addition to our family! Scott and Jenn

anabels pup molly .jpg
peggys dog and girl.jpg
maggy. barry pup.HEIC

Finley is doing well! He is a very sweet puppy. Thank you for the guidance you have given us. Finley has a great personality and makes us feel young!!  Barry

aspen pup. kimberl.jpg

We love Lulu!  Coco is such a sweetheart! They have so much fun at the beach together. Kimberly

mckenzie pup bodie coco brad.jpg

Everything is Great! I am so enamored with Bodie.He is still sleeping through the night (I cant thank you enough for that!) and is getting cuter by the day.  I took him to the vet and they said everything looks great. Mackenzie

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