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How to Get a Puppy 

 Pet Puppy Pricing


Each pup is priced at about 4-6 weeks.  Girls are more than boys, smaller is more than larger, red, chocolate, multicolor, caramel is more than black.  A curly or loose curly coat is more than a wavy or straight coat.   A fluffy face more than a retriever face. So the most expensive would be a curly small girl with a fluffy face and the least would be a bigger straighter, bigger boy who is black. 

If you decide to pass on a litter, you may, but the prices will be whatever they are at the time you choose a pup. Our pet price is listed by each puppy on the website at choosing time with most families receiving discounts which are available for special needs, police, firefighters and military families.

 What's Best???A Labradoodle, Goldendoodle or Doubledoodle??

We began raising standard goldendoodles (Golden Retriever/Poodle) decades ago, with mostly 80 lb black pups. As we learned and improved, we brought the size down and made multigeneration labradoodles and goldendoodles in a variety of colors. Considering that the 2 breeds in a doodles makes them healthier than a pure bred (hybrid vigor, a doubledoodle (poodle, golden retriever and labrador retriever)  mixes the breeds a little more as they have three  breeds instead of  two breeds. 

Australian doodles began in Australia, by adding Cocker Spaniel into the bloodline creating a silkier, better proportioned doodle (there is no Australian shepherd in them.  We prefer every litter to be multigeneration Australian Doodles for the best look and best health. We don't match parents by whether they are a labradoodle, goldendoodle or doubledoodle but by their attributes.  Some couples make pups with light eyes, or a deep red color. or a multicolor coat which is recessive and hard to get. 

Past Pups

cropped pup
anabel forrest
pepper brad
anabels pup molly .jpg

Steps to Getting A Puppy


So, You are ready for a Puppy...This will be an extraordinary time.

  1. Be sure you have gotten permission from spouse, parents, landlord BEFORE committing to puppy.

  2. Assess your allergies. We have NO way of knowing what puppy will work for you. Everyone is so individual. Your allergies are your responsibility.

  3. Please take time to meet other dogs and know what works for you BEFORE you get on the waitlist. Please be wise, we love our pups and don't want you to have to rehome pup.  (No refunds) If there is a slight chance pup won't work, please don't get a pup. They are not an object to try out and return.

  4. Email us at Let us know that you are wanting to join the wait list. Keep in mind that the Wait list is typically a 1-3 months wait to have the puppy in your home.  Feel free to call cel 480 215-2252 or email as sometimes we keep a few back for possibilities for our breeding program or extra  training. Pls allow a day or so for us to email you the  $500  (nonrefundable) deposit information and wait list paperwork. We'll watch pups grow with pics online until they are about 5-6 weeks old when we choose. You may choose with videos and chatting with us or come in person on choosing day. After choosing your pup, We'll update your paperwork with info. about  parents, birthdate, color, gender etc.  You'll send your second deposit of $1000 with the balance being due in cash  (not check or electronic transfer) at pick up. We prefer this as you will have the puppy in your arms. We are happy to give you a receipt. If you prefer sending a check, money order or electronic payment for your balance, Please include the full balance at choosing time. (When pup is 5-6 weeks)  We often have tech or tech user issues, If you don't hear from us, please txt us at 480 215-2252

  5. After puppies are born, we will post pics of pups on the web site as they grow. At about 5-6 weeks, you are invited to come to our farm/home and choose a puppy. If the puppy you want is not available, you have the option to roll your deposit to another litter.  You'll keep moving up the wait list. You can remain on the wait list as long as you'd like but the puppy price will be whatever it is at the time you choose a puppy.

  6. Puppy will be ready to go home at about 8 weeks. While you are waiting, watch as many Cesar Milan shows as possible.  

  7. Read the tab titled "Before Bringing Puppy Home" on our web site.

  8. Order puppy vitamins through our website or at wafer preferred

  9. Order Life's Abundance food through the "shopping for puppy" tab Puppy will be use to All Life Stages in the kelly green bag. (get at least one sm bag for transitioning if you plan to switch) Also get Life's Abundance canned food, any flavor. Add a few tablespoons water and a teaspoonful canned food to the dry.

  10. Can you afford the puppy? Our prices are  $3175-$4475  Typically $3475-4175. (Most doodles from reputable breeders are $4,000-$7,000) You'll need a good quality food and vet care throughout Puppy's life.  Pet insurance and a Puppy plan is recommended. Your vet can help you with which plans are best.

  11. Don't Get Scammed- If a doodle has more than 1%  75 lb retriever, a 5-8 lb doodle isn't reasonable.

  12. Boy or a Girl? We can speak generally about boy/girl traits though they will vary just like humans. Typically, boys are more laid back, flexible with change and puppy-like longer. They are not as tidy and take a little longer to potty train.  Girls are often quicker to potty train, cleaner and have more patience with all that human talk and training. They tend to be higher maintenance, less goofy and more inflexible with changes.  

  13. Both make marvelous pets. Two same gender pups that you get as pups do well together otherwise we prefer opposite genders if you're adding a new pup to older dogs in your family.


**If for some reason you cant keep puppy, you may not resell puppy. You must return puppy to us**

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to any party at any point if we feel it will not best for puppy.



Super Dog 

Preparation to be a therapy dog or Emotional Support pet begins long before puppy meets the human. Human bonding and trust is key to a successful future relationship.  With children and a lot of loving, we were helping pups be human bonded before we knew there was a military program for this.  During day 3-16 each puppy participates in this early stimulation program causing increased neurological stimulation, a stronger immune system and  improved lifelong health.     


One step in the super dog program is touching  tiny paws with a qtip

sierra darker mama.jpeg
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