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Welcome to Doodles N Danes of San Diego! 


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About Us


All of our puppies are bred for health, beauty and most of all a loving disposition. We prepare each pup to be a therapy dog or a beloved family member. A tremendous amount of time and love is dedicated to socializing and loving our puppies. Each baby is calmly held in our arms daily, taught to come to the kissing sound and well started on night and potty training  Raised with love, we all share the joy of raising your puppy. Our puppies' families say that our pups are the best pups ever!! With most Families finding us through word of mouth. We are thankful for Two decades of happy puppy families.

Romans 15:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him

About Us
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We specialize in Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Doubledoodles. Our doodles are toy and mini size. Their coats are chocolate, red, parti, caramel or black. Each is raised with love and is prepared to serve as a therapy dog, emotional support dog or furever friend.

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Great Danes

We are currently not breeding danes.

Our Great Danes are European and AKC. They are strong but gentle giants with big blocky heads and sweet temperaments. Despite their friendly disposition, Great Danes can also provide protection. 

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Our passion is preparing puppies to serve others. We consider this a Christian ministry as well as a small family business. Whether you get a pup from us or not, we are here to help.

For us, Caroline, a former teacher and children's therapist and Tom a Vietnam Veteran, we consider it a blessing to be raising the puppies so that they can do great things! We are dedicated to holding, loving and playing with every puppy until they are ready to go to their furever homes. We are blessed with a fabulous socialization crew who assists in all puppy needs. It is an honor to us that many of our puppies have become therapy dogs and that number grows with every litter. One of our Great Danes has gone on to become a member of the search and rescue team while many are therapy companions for children. We have many Doodles who are therapy dogs for sick children in hospitals, companions for the elderly and therapy dogs that go to work in their human's private counseling practice. Many of our doodles have settled in to being a constant support and a best friend to kids with special needs. We appreciate all of our  military service members and are proud that so many of our puppies go to military families and work as emotional support animals for those with PTSD. 

Raising a therapy dog or companion pet begins before the pup even gets to meet thier human. An integral part of this process is to have the puppy accept their humans as part of their pack. We teach them to trust and respect us at the beginning of their life by imprinting them. Within an hour of their birth we touch every part of their body including inside their ears, mouth, toes, etc. Each day we hold them and rub their tummies. By day 3-16 we begin the Super Dog Program. They get to know our voices at a young age and by the time they are weaned off of their mother, they will run to a human making the kissing sound.  We begin night and potty training making the transition much easier for the new family.

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